Image Works Imaging

Endos ACP (AC):  $3,635.00

  • Anatomical control timer
  • Can be used for film based or digital offices
  • Available in three different arm lengths, 11 13/16” (56 5/16” max. reach), 23 5/8” (68 1/8” max. reach) and 31.5” (standard, 73” max. reach)
  • Available with optional remote timer $107.00

    Intraskan (DC):  $4,055.00

    • Available in three different arm lengths, short arm (61” max. reach), medium arm (71” max. reach) and long arm (80” max. reach)
    • 100 kilohertz high frequency generator for minimal x-ray dosage
    • LCD display with a large bright screen displays technique
      information clearly
    • 30 preprogrammed technique settings
    • Can be used for film based or digital offices
    • Optional remote technique panel $107.00

      Panoura 18S 3D Cone-Beam:  $75,360.00

      • OnDemand3D imaging software, which contains implant placements with a full implant library, cross reference of surgical guides, tour of the root canal and complete cross-sectional and measuring capabilities
      • OnDemand3D software can import Dicom studies and send Dicom studies to referring practices, complete with notes
      • High definition images comprised of 80 micrometer voxels, so clear they display the precise shape of the root canal and the apical direction. This high level of sharpness can be used in a high variety of treatments
      • Two optimal fields of view (FOV), dent mode and oral mode
      • Precise patient positioning via stationary bite plate positioning with impression material
      • Incredibly small foot print will fit into spaces as small as 40” x 48”
      • Available with optional cephalometric $89,855.00
      • Will not lose panoramic capability when upgrading to 3D

        Panoura18S 2D Digital Panoramic:  $31,880.00

        • Direct CMOS sensor provides clear and sharp images due to direct conversion
        • Unique panoramic image construction technology (image creator)
        • Automatically selects the best focal layer position as exposure completes
        • Radiographic errors caused by incorrect patient positioning can be corrected easily by unique adjustment features, even after exposure
        • Can take bite wing film clippings and full mouth survey clippings
        • Two exposure times, high speed mode (8 seconds) and premium high definition mode (14 seconds)
        • Can upgrade to 3D cone beam at a later date
        • Available with optional cephalometric attachment (if want the ceph at a later date, must purchase the 2D pan ceph ready) $37,680.00


*Please inquire about shipping and installation